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posted at 15/01/10 02:23

Ok, because include runs after lua stuff runs, here's my idea
Have include/import run 2x.
The first time is run before lua is run. Any files that aren't found stay in the queue or w/e for import. The lua runs, then the import/include stuff runs again for all the files that could not be found. This is because the lua might generate new jass files : ).

posted at 15/01/10 01:35

posted at 15/01/10 01:30
Van Damm

I don't pretty understand what you're proposing to do with LUA. Implement into jass, ok. But how to parse it?

posted at 15/01/10 01:20

Yeah, that makes more sense.
#lua for singleliners, and lua { } for multiple.
Seems easy enough...

posted at 15/01/10 01:06

or just lua { }
but single lines still need a thingy ><, and lua would only be used for preprocessing, which is where I came up with idea of a character, or maybe even just use # for it.

posted at 15/01/10 01:00

You could actually do something like what Vexorian did with Zinc.
Use tags:
//! lua
Code goes here...
//! endlua

posted at 14/01/10 23:55

Ok.. here's my thought.
So, with that you can generate JASS code with lua. Now, it'd be nice if lua code was prettier than //! i, so maybe a * in front of the lines or a & or something.

posted at 14/01/10 22:30

Explain? Not sure I get it...

posted at 14/01/10 06:54

Ok, brilliant idea...
for preprocessing, make it like an entire language: just make all the preprocessing stuff start with #.
like #loop, #whilenot, etc.
local variables, global variables. It'd be the ultimate for macro : ).
I've been trying to use lua in JASS for macro stuff, but it apparently only works externally which is 0 help to me =(.

posted at 14/01/10 02:59

Woo, a forum that accepts cJASS resources and is in English!! lol.
Can't use cJASS, and not let it on my forum!

posted at 13/01/10 02:43

It's about time Van Damm ;o.

posted at 13/01/10 02:29
Van Damm

Sorry for my long inactivity here. ADOLF is very busy now and I cant surely say when he'll become available again.

posted at 11/01/10 16:10

Sry for double post, but..
piece -> peace
typo ><, I feel like an idiot if I don't fix it :\

posted at 11/01/10 16:09

Woo, a forum that accepts cJASS resources and is in English!! lol.
They don't have jass tags atm, but admin is working on tags that'll do highlighting for JASS, vJASS, Zinc, and cJASS with all the stuff from common.j and o-o.
I'm in the process of trying to renovate their Tutorials and Resources Section = ).
But yea, finally a place where you can submit cJASS resources in piece ;o. Come one, come all, let's celebrate and spread the fanboyism that is cJASS >: ).
Oh yea, and to stay on topic, still waiting on the author that is MIA o-o.

posted at 06/01/10 00:33

Yea, I've been trying to write a framework that uses definitions etc to do super fast and efficient code, but some of the bugs are preventing me from doing it ><. I can't even write anything until the bugs are fixed : (. I'm totally stuck.
Also if there was a way to pass in definition names so that definitions could use them-
define hi
define hi(a,a)
define hello(oam) = {
oam(d, d)
something like that, but it'd probably require a whole other layer of macro. Perhaps if lua was moved into something other than //! i or w/e that'd be a possibility.
But yea, I seriously need some heavy macro power, more than search and replace : o.

posted at 05/01/10 23:23
Dark Dragon

i dont want to belive that ADOLF is MIA but it seems that way...
it would be great if he comes back and releases new version of cJass. maybe he just does not have time now...

posted at 04/01/10 23:15

Authors is MIA

posted at 04/01/10 22:13

is this project still alive? it seems dead

posted at 30/12/09 11:08

Sorry, I typoed that horribly.
Libraries let you do a public function. You can then call it with <prefix of library goes here>_Function().
Is there any way we can get the _ changed to ::, short of a define?

posted at 30/12/09 11:06

Any chance of namespaces? I would really like those, as the whole public keyboard on libraries making a _ is killing me. I guess I could do a #define <::> = _, but... lazy, you know.

posted at 30/12/09 10:09

Sry, want to post some sample code.
library a
module omg
local integer hi

struct Ha
private method hello takes nothing returns nothing
implement omg
I run that with cJASS disabled and compiles fine and runs like I expect it to run (puts the code there). I turn cJASS on and it puts local in front of the implement and throws a syntax error.

posted at 30/12/09 10:06

Ok, nvm about keywords, was doing it in wrong order =p.
But trying to implement a module in a function will still do bad things with cjass enabled and will run with cjass disabled >:p

posted at 27/12/09 01:41

keywords don't seem to work, at least when I've tried them.
Used them inside of definition (public/private) and it resulted in catastrophe ;o.
This is another feature I need to be working for something I'm doing ><

posted at 25/12/09 19:48

@ Dark Dragon

posted at 25/12/09 16:25
Dark Dragon

@ TheLifelessOne
All features form vJass are allowed in cJass (zinc) is not!
enumeration is an group of constant "vars" that are used to define enum type.
for example blizzards gate modifying.
enum (gateoperation) { GATE_OPEN, GATE_CLOSE, GATE_DESTROY }
nothing ModifyGate(destructable d, gateoperation gt) { ... }
as Nestharus said there might be few bugs, we hope they get fixed.
as about cJass there is really just one thing that is missing me so bad.
ForGroup(g, nothing() { KillUnit(GetEnumUnit()) })
nothing is return type and () means it takes nothing.
anonimous functions are the only thing thats missing me. ofc few more things would be nice, but just anonimous func would be enough for me. so please ADOLF if you find time i would really like that u add them.
Best Regards!

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