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posted at 12/01/14 23:44

It can try to recover from the posts here and on GoogleCode... Now even I do not remember everything. This project is closed.
But if you have some concretic question - I can answer.

posted at 02/01/14 07:19

would love it if the official manual got a little update to include stuff like..
  • lambdas
  • for cycles (and for each )
  • while no longer needs typedef to not whilenot
  • stuff i missed :)

posted at 28/08/13 09:26

  1. Могли неправильно настроить LUA скрипты.
  2. Если у вас не компилится система, которую писали буржуи, там скорее всего они используют высокоуровневые модули как низкоуровневые макросы. Я долго с этим воевал. Попробуйте установить галочку в меню (когда настроете луа).
  3. В cJass существует #if. Статик иф помойму даже не поддерживается. Но вы можете использовать //! nocjass и //! endnocjass, что бы игнорировать что-либо.

posted at 26/08/13 21:35

коекак настроил, но StreakSystem v5.1.1.0 там тоже не работает, в static if не создаются локальные переменные

posted at 26/08/13 21:24

а почему в последней версии ни одна карта не работает, а в норм все, пишет вот такую ерунду, не знаю что делать:

posted at 25/08/13 22:30

Tray to use lates version

posted at 23/08/13 16:52

cJass v1.4.2.14
StreakSystem v5.1.1.0 + Remove unused code = fatal error

posted at 18/01/13 04:33

Somethig like (implemented in zinc):
    // method or elements to be private
Would be awesome! :).
Excellent work here with cjass!, love it :3.

posted at 15/12/12 00:27

Can we expect cJass updates in the future?
cJass is compatibility with old vJass, if you use newest version (afaik cohadar develop it now) you must use //! nocjass and //!endnocjass instruction.

posted at 29/11/12 17:55

Can we expect cJass updates in the future?
As for jassnewgen5e pack it sometimes messes up vJass syntax as it adds keywords where it shouldn't.
As for example:
local integer i
for i = 1 to 32
cJass adds the local keyword to for line, as it shouldn't and it results in:
local integer i
local for i = 1 to 32
for becomes a datatype (struct) and 1 to 32 is handled as a variable value and it's a syntax error since it should be a for-loop from 1 to 32

posted at 25/06/12 19:40
Faion Bezarius

Убери лимиты на кол-во инструкций для препроцессора, или на что там лимит :\
А то не компилится проект.

posted at 09/06/12 09:11

Conditional compilation is already exist, try this:
#define CND = 1 // you may place it before #if block

#if (CND == 0)

#elseif (CND == 1)



posted at 26/05/12 06:07

Wrong, the right should be
# ifndef XXX
# define XXX
# endif

posted at 26/05/12 06:05

CJass no conditional compilation, and whether the proposal can be added to the conditional compilation
# ifndef check XXX
# define XXX
# endif

posted at 07/05/12 13:19

Try latest beta version from here:
Also you may have some bugs with local variables declaration. Read the:

posted at 30/04/12 19:58

I found that vjass's textmacro will translate to "define" , and this is the bug:
//! textmacro ABCD takes NAME
call BJDebugMsg("$NAME$")
//! endtextmacro
//! runtextmacro ABCD("something")
if adicParser enabled, will become
call BJDebugMsg("$NAME$")
or if adicParser disabled, it will become
call BJDebugMsg("something")
2. //! textmacro ABCD takes NAME
call BJDebugMsg($NAME$)
//! endtextmacro
//! runtextmacro ABCD("\"something\"")
when adicParser enabled,it doesn't work
Error message is "[00] Critical syntax error ABCD( \ something\ )"

posted at 29/01/12 19:16

Is cJass ever going to be updated? I'd really like to continue using it, but it still has some issues.

posted at 22/01/12 21:46


posted at 21/01/12 10:11

Hello, I was wondering if the source to horus is available anywhere? Or if not, if you could make one tiny change to it. I use an alternate style in horus that involves white text on a black background. Unfortunately the function list still uses a white background. I'd love for this to be fixed, or if you send me the source I'll make the tiny change myself. I'd really appreciate it, thank you!

posted at 13/12/11 01:26

Проект скорее мёртв, чем жив. :-(

posted at 10/12/11 09:03

Здрасьте. Сделайте, пожалуйста массивы дефайнов. Например:
define {
 variable[1] = 123
 variable[2] = 456
 MAX = 2
local int i = 1
local int array ia [MAX]
whilenot (i>MAX) {
 ia[i] = variable[i]

posted at 04/10/11 15:23

The "//! inject" vJass feature (custom main function) is currently not supported, AdicHelper simply crashes.

posted at 12/09/11 21:16

When will there be one?
I now have a lot of work IRL.
I also develop the ternary operator now.

posted at 09/09/11 03:44

No update for some time :o
When will there be one?

posted at 04/09/11 12:23

Native jass code must work as is.
"syntax of interfaces and function pointers" made by Vex must work too.
This tool made to help, not to substitute.

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